wine pairing in a traditional winery

Which is the best way of knowing the tradition of Rioja wine and its products? Obviously, with a wine pairing in a traditional winery.

In Alútiz Wineries we offer you several types of Rioja wine pairings with local products.

Combine our high quality wines belonging to the Denomination of Origin Rioja with local products from zero kilometre, either from La Rioja or Basque Country.

Wine pairing is the best way of knowing and enjoy Alútiz wines with the Denomination of Origin Qualified as Rioja. These wines together with the right products, make wine and Basque gastronomy a very different world from any other.

Besides, you not only can enjoy a wine pairing, but you are also invited to live the experience of visiting the three wineries belonging to the family. All of them are family tradition and they were built in three different periods of time. So that when you enter our wineries you will have the sensation of travelling back in time.

In our wineries you will see how our family has elaborated wine during different generations. From the 17th century till today. In this way, you will not only be fascinated with our wines’ flavours and aromas, but also with its history.

Wine pairing with Alútiz

The Rioja wine pairing is made in the “txoko” of the most modern winery. This is the one where we produced all our wines. This environment will make you feel as a real winemaker. Besides, if we have good weather it could be done in our Chill-Out terrace with sights to the Wineries’ Neighbourhood.

However, if you wish, we can do the wine pairing in our wine cellar form the 17th century.

Although there are many places where you can do a wine pairing, our visitors recommend us because of the familiar treatment and the way in which we accommodate them. Also because of the high quality of our wines, all of them produced with grapes grown within the territory of Rioja Alavesa.

Discover Alútiz

Come to visit us with your family and/or friends and fuse with the wine of our wineries.

In our wine pairing we always offer the best quality. We want of visitors to leave our wineries with a good taste in mouth.

The most demanding visitors, the winelovers, have left our facilities more than satisfied.

What are you waiting for? Book your wine pairing in Alútiz Wineries and get loose with the magnificent notes of our wines.