We are a 100% family winery and artisan specializing in wines of carbonic maceration that is the same as calling them a harvester, and other quality wines in the heart of Samaniego, the golden mile of the Rioja Alavesa. The cellars of my family Pascual Berganzo date back to 17 century, in fact we keep them in the form of drafts in the wine cellar and you can visit them. My father Eduardo Pascual was part of the new generation of harvesters in the 80s who made aromatic young wines in stone wine presses. We keep doing it this way but we have also incorporated stainless steel tanks to make other wines of high quality and controlled temperature such as whites and crianzas. I strictly follow the traditions of my grandfather and my father, and I am responsible for a new generation of wines with Alútiz brand (in honor of my mother) and to open the doors to our house. My name is Eduardo Pascual Alútiz and I am a lover of wine tourism and the traditions of my family. I wait for you.


From our vineyards located in Samaniego, south of Álava, you can see the Sierra de Cantabria to the north, and the Sierra de Toloño to the south demarcated by the banks of the Ebro River. Thanks to the first, our 70 hectares are protected from humidity and the cold, while the river gives them the warmth of a Mediterranean climate.The author of the map of soils of Rioja, Manuel Hernández, described the soils of these vines as suitable to make the best Rioja reds wines. The soils of the vineyard are of calcareous clay component protected by a temperate climate and protected from winds, something unique to get wines well ripe, fresh and with color. Here we produce Tempranillo, Garnacha and Viura grapes that we have collected and harvested for more than 40 years. You can take a tour with us through these vineyards, rather than being photographed during the visits we organize to understand first hand how these grapes grow in an ecological way due to this privileged environment.


Our young wines are still made as always in stone wine presses where the whole family sets foot on grapes. In the neighborhood of Matarredo at the entrance of Samaniego is a unique heritage space dotted with 85 holes carved into the rock for two centuries where appear peculiar vents. Our Alútiz route goes from the family's historic cellars, through the concrete vats of the 80 built by my grandfather, to the most current winery with área of aging where we make our little wine gems.
In the old cave with 12 meters underground you will have the chance to have a wine Alútiz while you contemplate our particular interior design.