Wineries of Rioja Alavesa

The number of wineries located in Rioja Alavesa is almost infinite. Rioja Alavesa is composed of 15 little villages and all of them produce big quality wines.

However, within all the wineries of Rioja Alavesa, we can find Pascual Berganzo/Alútiz Wineries. This winery consists of three different wineries of family tradition whose elaboration dates back to the 17th century. In that way, it is one of the oldest wineries of Rioja Alavesa.

Wineries of Rioja Alavesa

Pascual Berganzo/Alútiz Wineries is located in the neighbourhood of wineries of Samaniego. Its is a village full of charm that is situated just 10 minutes away from Laguardia, 30 minutes away from Logroño, and 20 minutes away from Haro.

Our winery offers to the visitors a guided tour through our three wineries of artisan and traditional production.

First Winery

The first and most modern winery is made of stainless steel wine tanks. Here is where we elaborate all of our wines. From the traditional carbonic maceration young wines, to the most modern ones as the signature wine, our white wine fermented in barrels, and a white semi-sweet wine. Wines for all tastes, from the newests, to the most demanding ones.


Second Winery

The second winery was built in the 20th century and it is all made of concrete material. In this winery is where we grow old our carbonic maceration young wine. The star wine of Rioja Alavesa.


Third Winery

Finally, the third winery dates back to the 17th century. This winery is built in stone, and here you can see who our ancestors made wine in the stone wine tanks. Here is where we make the tasting of the big quality wines of Rioja Alavesa. Besides, we always accompany our wines with local food and a tasting of our extra virgin olive oil.

Do not lose the opportunity of visiting our three exclusive wineries. Book here your guided tour and enjoy an unforgettable experience together with Alútiz Wineries

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