[pbr_featuredbox title=”Craft Vintners” style=”default” title_align=”separator_align_center” icon=”” photo=”7938″ information=”In the 80s Eduardo Berganzo follows the tradition of the vintners of Samaniego that go back to the 17th century. Today their children create the Alútiz brand and tell their story.”]
[pbr_featuredbox title=”Wines of Rioja Alavesa” style=”default” title_align=”separator_align_center” icon=”” photo=”7941″ information=”We continue treading grapes to make the classic carbonic maceration of the area, which we call a harvester (new harvest), but we also produce rich wines from the landscape of Samaniego.”]
[pbr_featuredbox title=”Visits and Rural Hotel” style=”default” title_align=”separator_align_center” icon=”” photo=”7943″ information=”We want you to know the tradition of the Alava harvester from the centuries-old cellars through the winepresses, but also to sleep in our modern rural hotel in the heart of Samaniego.”]
[pbr_title_heading title=”WE ARE FROM SAMANIEGO” descript=”Our vineyards in Samaniego are in the middle of the golden mile of Rioja Alavesa, south of Álava. We are at a midpoint to explore the beautiful landscape of the Sonsierra, what is called the best route in Spain to do wine tourism where you will find avant-garde wineries, or small wineries like ours.” alignment=”text-left”]
[pbr_title_heading title=”VINTNERS OF RIOJA ALAVESA” descript=”From those muleteers who carried wineskins to the Basque Country in the 15th century, we maintain the centuries-old drafts and traditions of those young wine harvesters who made the Rioja Alavesa red wine so famous. Today you will know them as carbonic maceration, a style of jovial and fruity wine that brightens the soul and that today has more brothers of wines of Alútiz brand. Do you want to walk among vines and to contemplate the mountain Sonsierra?” alignment=”text-left”]
[pbr_title_heading title=”WINE TOURISM TO YOUR MEASURE” descript=”We are a family of vintners who only have privileged vineyard, a beautiful rural house and some historic wineries protected as heritage. Facing the sophistication of other larger wineries, we defend the authenticity of the small winery and we show you our daily life as wine growers for 356 days a year. Our goal is that you have a integral visit, that’s why we have a beautiful wine rural hotel.” alignment=”text-left”]
[pbr_title_heading title=”OUR WINES” subtitle=”WE ARE RIOJA ALAVESA” style=”heading-style1″ alignment=”text-left”]
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